House Interior Design Tips

July 10, 2016

A house with a white blank and Windows with shades pull down not leave you with cues about how to decorate it. It is you who add personality to your home character that serves as an extension of yourself, your family and your culture. It is you who added personal touches that make a home of your own home, that puts you at ease in an instant and have the intimacy that makes you feel completely relaxed. To make your home cozy, warm and comfortable, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • The theme of the room or the House can be a factor in the Guide while decorating it. This is a reflection on your personality, likes, hobbies and tastes and your family’s culture. A theme which was chosen as the Home of Barbie, Nautical Mile, Star Wars, Period Decor, nature lovers and ethnic, can be a unifying factor for all your furniture, furnishings, accessories, color of the walls and the ceilings, Windows and doors and even the regional showcase to display Your collectibles, arts, crafts and other valuables.
  • Remove things that don’t fit in with the decor theme or modify to fit with the overall theme. This can be a good restraint on impulsive shopping, planning a disproportionate or not planned implementation of items of decor.
  • Artifacts that match your theme can add a special touch to the decor of the room like a small wooden boat to go with a nautical theme.
  • All collectors love to display their collection of stamps, coins, dolls or other trinkets in creative ways. Linear setting can be tedious so it can group them and presents them in an interesting way as in showcase will draw more attention to them and your skill refinement.
  • Wall colors, fabrics, furniture, fabrics, pillows and curtains, shelves and other types of furniture, beds, sofas and seating arrangements and even accessories, lamps and vases that you use must also confirm with the room or Home Decor theme.
  • The color of the upholstery and fabric print should be used judiciously. Maintaining harmony with the use of the same or similar accents three times around the room at least.

Cozy Home Decoration Ideas
What is the most important aspect of the House? Well, if you think it’s size, time to look forward. The most important thing of the House is how comfortable it is. Well, if you agree, you will also realize that the time to start to turn to to make one of your home.

Useful Equipment For Home Decor
Home decor goes a long way in unravelling the personality and sense of living. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a large colonial home or rented a small apartment, what matters most is how you have styled your home.

Quick and easy Tips For Home Decorating Solutions
The decoration of the room is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You may love that glamorous room in Home Decor magazines but you may find it is almost impossible to translate into reality for the simple reason that the construction of your House and your room measurements are totally different.

Step Home Decorating
Home Decor can be quite an overwhelming task with all measurement, planning, wall color, ceiling color, type, color and size of the furniture, furnishings and color patterns, size rugs, storage areas, closets and so many things to remember. If you want to learn more about home decorating ideas you can visit

How to Clean the Bathtub

November 18, 2015

There are many stain inside the House. Which is also dangerous are the stains in the bathroom. Stain the bathroom can become a gathering place for the bacteria and germs that can cause the onset of the disease.

One of the places that should be cleared of stains is certainly a bathtub bathroom. But it turns out that cleaning the bathtub can not be indiscriminate. Different materials different then how to clean it.

Then how do I clean a bath based on different types? Please refer to the explanation here.

Porcelain bathtub
Almost all bathroom cleaner safe to use for a bathtub made of porcelain. How, combine the baking powder with water and then flush in the bathtub. Rub all sides of the bathtub with a sponge for 30 to 45 minutes, rinse and repeat if necessary. If the stain is still not lost, you can use special sandpaper to clean a porcelain bathtub.

Acrylic Bathtub
Acrylic bathtubs which consists of chemical mixture polimer have treated in different ways. Most bathroom cleaners are non-abrasive and non-aerosol safe to use this type of bathtub. However, don’t forget to make sure all sides of the rinse water from the bathtub with a cleanser containing chemicals.

How to Clean the Bathtub

Fiberglass Bathtub
In the meantime, for those of you who have a bathtub made from fiberglass, then how to clean it can be done by using a liquid cleanser, liquid detergent cleaner or a non-abrasive bathroom. You can also use a mixture of soda and water to look like pasta. Then go on to put on all sides of the bathtub.

If you are looking for or hire a cleaning service, has a lot of experience in finding the companies that provide these services with the experience is very good for your needs. Register soon or call to get the corresponding for cleaning service to your needs.

Roofing Design Tips

November 14, 2015

Not only classic cars that dreams are made of, any classic design house is now a trend for some people. Home with classic concepts never seems to lose interest in this. Home design with full carvings, his furniture, and his house is still a large selection of for some people. Classic home does look extremely magnificent and luxurious, yet on the other side of the House’s classic could impress. Thus examples of classic House which is currently still in the environmental community.

Home classics that generally one-storey livery less varied. However, whether the House classics can not be changed slightly so that the design can look trendy or follow the changing times? Certainly can. Home classics can be transformed into a more modern, or who is currently also the trend with modern classic home name. So the House as a whole still has a model, but was given only a touch more modern decor. Here are some tips that might get you apply to your home which is still a classical concept.

1. classic minimalist Home. Classic home impression is always synonymous with extensive buildings. For those of you who want a classic modern home then you could change the impression of the classic home doesn’t have to be so extensive. The spacious building usually thus have an impact on the grant of a piece of furniture that much so can be impressed in vain.

2. The use of wood. As has been explained above, classic home more decoration in the form of carvings. This does not need to waste on a classic modern home design that you want to create. Well, to keep revealing the uniqueness of classical House then you can use the wood for carved. For example, the use of a door of wood carvings that just reinforces the impression of a beautiful, warm and elegant.

3. Use of color paint the House classics. Because the classic concept homes generally use soft color then you should not remove it. Make the color as a basis so graceful and elegant impression persists. The common colors used in the design of the classic home between broke white, white, ivory and beige. You can add color to taste in certain parts of the House, but still have to pay attention to the contrast or not.

4. The use of curtains and carpets. Curtains are generally always used on classic home design because it retains graceful impression of yesteryear. If you want a classic modern home concept then the flashy colored curtains models as well as Lacy can be selected. In addition to curtains, carpets also need to put in a living room or other space. Style and luxury with the impression of a carpet will be more supportive of interest your home.

5. Furniture. Classic house model using solid wood furniture at home are used, such as a sofa, desk and chair, kitchen appliances and cabinets. This will create a stylish home interior design classic is more durable. Colors on furniture such as Brown, green leaves, often found on house design. The House Interior is also decorated with many sculptures, large vases, Roman columns and more.

6. Decor accessories. The paintings with the full frame profile classic-style great fit with this model. You can also add crystal chandeliers and large flower vase that may create an impression of luxury in a classic house design.

7. The floor of the House. The materials commonly used are marble, stone and wood. This is a feature that distinguishes between a minimalist house design with classic homes. You can place the center of the floor of the room’s marble and stones with geometric patterns. For the wall of the House, you can use the wallpaper the wall Brown or Golden.

8. Terrace houses. Classic model on the terrace of the House you can make by choosing the type of floor that uses the granite tile rough texture. For the carport, you can use natural stone or coral brush to make it look more natural.

That’s some classic modern home decorating tips. For those of you who are interested with classic style then mandatory to read the above information in order to keep your occupancy impressed fashionable as the development era.

Classic House Design

November 8, 2015

From a wide variety of concepts available, in addition to home design and minimalist house picture appears to be classic house concept is home to the concept of timeless eaten by time. Home with classical concept seems to always be able to attract the hearts of the devotees. The house with the deployment concept it will look magnificent and luxurious.

classic Victorian house style

classic Victorian house style

Now, the classic house concept enthusiasts are getting pampered with an update of the classic concept that has now added a modern impression of monotonous and memorable so that it cannot give a different effect than usual. There are numerous examples of modern classical house with 1 floor looks so fancy but still impress modern and not boring.

Home classics that usually only met by a variety of furniture in a style that is very far from the modern impression has now been going on shift to the options available for any more devotees. With an increasingly diverse selection, modern classic home enthusiasts 1 floor also has increased. Then, how to get an impression of classic and modern at the same time?

classic house design

classic house design

You can maintain your old furniture as a classical touch in your home. Classic furniture in general have a large size, natural-colored, and are met by carving. Well, to impress the more modern and not boring, you can do a few changes by providing a more modern furniture with your old furniture.

For example, you can add a more modern wall hangings as a sweetener to your living room. Although the act committed is very small, but can provide a very large effect on the modern classical House 1 floor you.

So, who says that the classic house is very boring? With a little touch of your hands, classic home would be more colorful.


October 15, 2015

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Tropical Modern Homes

October 10, 2015

Have you ever heard the term tropical house? Maybe you’ve heard it, but did not understand what it was referring to. This article will review the overall concept of a tropical house. In Indonesia, a tropical house is considered to be very normal. The term gets its name due to the climatic conditions in tropical Indonesia.

A tropical house is a house whose elements are designed and adapted to tropical climates. A tropical house will optimize and reduce the impact of said tropical climates. Indonesia itself is a tropical area because it is located between the latitude of 23 degrees North and South and is also in the vicinity of the equator. In tropical areas, sun exposure is very abundant and can be leveraged for your home. Despite the potential for excellent lighting, tropical climates also have high heat and humidity levels. During times when it’s very dry, the temperature outside will be very hot, however, once the rainy season begins, the air tends to be very humid.

Ideal Construction LLC explains that air temperature control can be done by increasing the volume of roof space, increasing ventilation, having an open room, and have plants. A tropical house is also characterized as a house that has wide terraces, a sloping roof, openings in rooms for light and good ventilation and circulation.

Characteristics of a Tropical House

If you want to bring a tropical feel to the residence, you can apply some of these characteristics:

In a tropical house, the roof is important to note. It acts as an umbrella or protective layer from the sun, rain and wind. The type of roof needed is a sloping roof of at least 30 degrees, shingles at a minimum of 22.5 degrees, and zinc that is at least 15 degrees. In addition, the high ceiling of the roof must be at least 2.70 m.

The walls are also an important part of a tropical house because it serves as the load bearing part of the house, as well as being protective and insulating. The main principle of a tropical house is the openness of each room. In addition, the walls should be protected from sun damage. You have to make sure that it does not get hot and does not pass the heat onto the rooms.

To bring an even bigger tropical feel to your house, you should use brightly colored wall paint with natural design elements. Orange and blue are very good colors to start with. For the floors of the house, you can apply the sand or terracotta colors.

Harmony between the exterior and the interior of the house is vital. The front of the house is usually decorated with various plants equipped with wooden chairs and bamboo. Area gardens can also add a natural touch. Lanterns made of bamboo or wood, for example, are a great idea. The garden surrounding the house can also be designed with different stones and pretty fixtures.

For furniture, you can choose furniture that appeals to nature. For example, you can have a sofa and wooden table that’s carved around the edges and table legs.



October 5, 2015

Welcome to Zoot’s blog design portfolio. If you click any of the thumbnails below, you can see a larger image of the design, as well as a small description of the design and/or client. Feel free to cruise around and check out my work. Only the 18 of the most recent designs are displayed here. If you want to see more, you’ll have to scroll through the portfolio one at a time. Or, feel free to view the designs by platform. The platforms I’ve designed for so far: Movable Type, Blogger, WordPress, and Typepad.

Business Cards

September 25, 2015

Every business owner or professional knows they need a business card, just like they need an email address. However, sometimes, their business cards get the same attention to detail as their email address. Since your business card projects your business image, it should be as well planned and professional as your wardrobe. Long after you leave your client, the business card remains; it should continue to make a statement about you and your business or the company you represent.

Many professionals also use e-business cards to send with their emails and electronic communication. This means they need a design that is compatible with electronic devices and software. Some programs may have difficulty reading a very convoluted or complex design, which makes the card virtually unreadable. Keep this in mind when designing your business card; look up some of the business card scanning programs and find out what type of card design works best with them.

If you have a flair for design and know what you want your business card to say, you might consider mocking up a rough draft in Word, for example, and taking that to your local printer. Tell them you welcome their suggestions and input so that you get a professional design, and tell them the software with which you want your card to be compatible. Economize elsewhere, but have your business cards professionally printed and avoid printing them yourself from your computer.

This isn’t a resume, so keep the wording concise. Use a personal selling phrase if you have one, such as a professional accomplishment that sets you apart from the others. Another popular trend is to have a personal webpage that lists your resume and accomplishments, and list the site address on your business card.

When your information changes, get new cards printed. It may seem expensive, but it could make the difference between getting the job or landing the deal, or letting the other person get it. Manually writing in changes on a business card is unprofessional and looks very tacky.

One size does not fit all. If you are pursuing several different avenues or career fields, you may need to have several different business cards so that the information is applicable to the position or product. This may also entail having several different personal web pages.

Distribute your professional looking cards freely, but with purpose. Avoid the urge to give your business card to everyone you meet, opting instead to distribute your card to those for whom it may serve a purpose. A follow-up email is a good idea when you have given your card to a prospective client or vendor. It lets them know you are serious about the contact, and may set you apart from others who do not.

Tips to keep in mind when selecting and designing your card:

  • Use good quality, heavy card stock for your business card.
  • Keep the design simple and professional.
  • Keep the wording brief; this isn’t a resume.
  • Have your business cards professionally printed.
  • Avoid rapid print companies; opt for a good quality printing shop.
  • Keep your business cards current.


September 15, 2015

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Low Cost Merchant

September 5, 2015

Benefits of a Low Cost Merchant Account

If you are in business you need a merchant account. There is no need, however, to pay full price for one. The job of your merchant account is” to process payments made by credit or debit cards. Until recently, many of the biggest card processors charged a virtual arm and leg for the privilege. You have a choice. Pick a low cost merchant account provider instead.

Where are the Savings?

When you opt for a low cost provider you will find that their services work the same way, but at a lower rate. They do this by starting out with low or free set up. Furthermore, each transaction fee is smaller, increasing your savings.Such companies can accept all the same credit cards, bank cards, even gift cards and checks as the “big” guys. You can extend these savings to your website sales, as well.

What About Service?

One thing that you might be worried about with a low cost merchant account is service. After all, you count on your ability to process credit card payments all the time. Not to worry; just because they charge you less doesn’t mean you get less. You will find support every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

Not Sure What You Need?

For new business owners, the process of setting up with a merchant account can seem a bit intimidating. The best way to figure out what you need is to consult with a professional. Whether you plan to sell entirely online, only in a traditional brick and mortar storefront, or some combination of the two, there are solutions that provide you with exactly what you need, and nothing more. This helps cut your costs.If you expand your business, take it on the road or do something new, your merchant account provider should be able to help you adapt your current arrangement.

What Fees Do You Pay?

Some of the fees you might see are set up fees, equipment fees – you can rent or buy your terminals, per-charge fees and a discount rate. These, and other fees, are all part of the credit card processing experience. The fewer you pay, the more you keep in your pocket.This is why you want a low cost merchant account provider. Many of these fees are eliminated right off the bat. Typically you will only pay a discount rate, a percentage of your total credit card sales. Even avoiding the set up fees can save you hundreds.